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What can Android Unleashed do?

  • Can fix all sorts of software issues on Android devices, such as poor battery life, lag, crashing and viruses
  • Can dramatically improve performance, responsiveness, ease of use and features
  • Can be tailored to your specfic needs or business requirements
  • Comes with our integrated user guide to make it easy to full understand and use your device
  • Can give your older device a much needed re-fresh or update, long after manufacturers stop providing updates
  • Enhances the flexibility and  capabilities of your device

What is Android?

Android is something you probably heard of. You probably own a Android device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Developed by Google, Android is a mobile-based computer operating system designed to run on smartphones and used by many manufacturers, such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola and Sony.

But what makes Android special? It's open source. It's free. And it's flexible.

However, that flexibility can sometimes cause problems. Android is fragmented, which means it's difficult for manufacturers to release timely updates to their numerous devices. They seem to fall behind with updates once they release the next "latest and greatest" device, even though previous generations can handle the new software just fine. It also means that manufacturers and mobile phone companies add their own modifications which more often than not, actually degrades from the user experience.

What is Android Unleashed?

Android Unleashed is an aftermarket software replacement which replaces the operating environment on your device with our own, optimised version of Android - with no bloatware and restrictions. It can completely transform the way you use mobile technology by taking out the hassle of setup and providing a friendly, intuitive interface with a comprehensive user guide to help you every step of the way.

Can I get Android Unleashed on my device?

Ninderry Computers can install our customised version of Android on your device for $60. You'll also recieve updates as newer versions of Android are released. Whilst we support most Android devices, check with us to make sure your device is compatible.

Is Android Unleashed hard to use?

We aim to make our devices as intuitive as possible to use. However, due to the range of new features and abilities, not everything is going to become second nature overnight. As such, we bundle a comprehensive user guide with your device, and have a dedicated YouTube channel. You can view our instructional videos with this link: